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Opportunity to travel to Finland through volunteer work 2024-2025 | Volunteer opportunities online

Apply for volunteer work at the European Solidarity Agency in Finland! 

Apply now and travel Finland through volunteer work.

volunteer opportunities online 2024

Why Volunteer Online?

Volunteering online is a flexible and impactful manner to provide returned. It lets in you to make contributions from everywhere, becoming round your time table. Whether you need to assist a purpose close to your coronary heart or increase new abilities, online volunteering offers numerous benefits.

Types of Online Volunteer Opportunities

Educational Support

Many companies are searching for volunteers to teach college students, help with homework, or train English as a 2d language. These opportunities are perfect for folks that experience sharing information and supporting others be successful academically.

Mental Health Support

Providing emotional aid can be exceedingly profitable. Numerous structures want volunteers to offer companionship and intellectual fitness aid thru chat offerings or virtual meetings. This sort of volunteering allows fight loneliness and presents a whole lot-wanted emotional assistance.

Environmental Initiatives

If you’re captivated with the environment, there are on line roles in facts evaluation, social media management, and content advent for environmental organizations. These positions assist enhance consciousness and force action on vital environmental troubles.

Administrative and Technical Support

Nonprofits regularly require assist with administrative obligations together with data access, assignment control, and internet site upkeep. Your talents in those areas can extensively decorate their operations and efficiency.

How to Get Started with Online Volunteering

Identify Your Interests and Skills

Start by way of considering your passions and the capabilities you could provide. Look for volunteer roles that align with these components to ensure a satisfying revel in.

Research Organizations

Spend time gaining knowledge of professional corporations that offer online volunteer opportunities. Websites like VolunteerMatch, Idealist, and UNV (United Nations Volunteers) are fantastic locations to start. Read reviews and testimonials to gauge their credibility.

Benefits of Online Volunteering


Online volunteering allows you to select roles that healthy your agenda. Whether you have got some hours per week or extra time to spare, there’s a role for you.

Skill Development

Volunteering online can help you broaden new abilties or beautify existing ones. From technical abilties to verbal exchange and venture management, these stories are treasured additions on your resume.

Personal Fulfillment

Contributing to a motive you care approximately brings immense personal delight. Knowing you are making a difference, even from a distance, can be especially worthwhile.

Global Impact

Online volunteering connects you with companies worldwide. This method your efforts will have a far-achieving impact, helping groups and causes across the globe.

Details of the volunteer opportunity in Finland

  • Country you volunteer in: Finland
  • Host city for volunteers: Espoo
  • Donor and Funder: Finnish Volunteer Foundation and European Solidarity Corps
  • Countries available to apply: Most countries and nationalities are available to apply. Check the official announcement below to make sure.
  • Duration of volunteering in Finland: 6 months.
  • You do not need a language certificate when applying.
  • There are no fees when submitting the application.
  • Academic stage: Available for all academic stages, including students, graduates, and diplomas: high school / bachelor’s / licentiate / master’s / doctorate.
volunteer opportunities online 2024

Volunteer Opportunity in Finland Explained 

Join volunteering in Finland with an NGO that promotes community activities for women, families, girls and young women, prioritizing gender diversity and social inclusion since 2001. In the Uusimaa region, and especially in Espoo, we are looking for volunteers to support our initiatives. Espoo Community House is a dynamic space offering recreational activities, courses, clubs and events for all citizens. Volunteers contribute to creating a welcoming environment, facilitating peer support and social interactions. Flexible scheduling allows for evening and weekend activities. Be part of the Volunteer Foundation’s mission to promote safer spaces and community well-being in Espoo. Apply now to make a difference!

Training while volunteering in Finland 

The volunteer will have a training camp upon arrival and a mid-term assessment camp organised by the Finnish National Agency for European Solidarity. In addition, the volunteer will be invited to the training camp upon arrival and the mid-term assessment camp. The volunteer will have access to the Online Language Support (OLS) tool of the European Solidarity Agency to support learning the Finnish language.

Funding for volunteering opportunities in Finland 

Free volunteer opportunities in Finland include:

  1. Travel Tickets.
  2. Monthly salary.
  3. Free accommodation.
  4. Free meals.
  5. Finnish language courses.
  6. Help in obtaining a Schengen visa for Finland.

Required files

  • biography.
  • Letter of intent.

Eligibility criteria for volunteering in Finland 

We are looking for an independent, friendly and patient volunteer. Who understands the principles of safer space and anti-racism; willing to learn more about them, and willing to commit to these ideals. The ideal candidate should be self-initiated and open to creating their project within the possibilities we can offer. In addition, we would appreciate if the volunteer has some experience working with children and young people, such as being a youth worker or facilitator, and some experience in organising events. Familiarity with online tools such as social media. 

How to apply to volunteer in Finland?

Please follow the steps below to apply correctly:

  1. You must download and fill out the application form below.
  2. Choose the volunteer work that suits you from here
  3. Send them to the following email: esc@maailmanvaihto.fi

Application deadline

  • March 10, 2024.

Download the application form (docx)

Download the application form (pdf)

Apply now from here

Official announcement

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